Vaidas leads a team of professional BI/Analytics developers serving telecommunication operators, financial services providers and asset managers. Running up to 10 data/BI/ETL projects per year across Western, Northern Europe and Africa from tiny dashboards to a full versed BI solution across an organization.

Experience from previous projects:

Senwes – one of the leading agricultural companies in South Africa. Vaidas and his team built comprehensive data visualisation dashboards and heat maps.

Effortel – Belgium based MVNE in Europe. Vaidas performed developing and supporting BI/ETL/DWH solution for 8 group companies across 4 countries. 5TB data, 120 tables, 200 reports, 150 ETL process in place. Management reports, revenue recognition, fraud prevention, new data source connection, operational reports, reporting towards authorities.

Exacaster – Lithuanian based company using big data with machine learning algorithms to perform campaign management, churn reduction, segmentation and up-sell targeting for >20M mobile subscribers around the globe. Vaidas has successfully built data migration processes and performed 7 international data extraction projects from various legacy (PostgreSQL, MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, CSV, BIN, S3, XML, Salesforce) systems towards Exacaster hadoop big data platform.

Transatel – France based leading MVNE provider in Europe enabling services for >80 MVNO’s. Vaidas’ team built the BI solution for Transatel hosted mobile operators. The work includes data ingestion process, dashboards, work with stakeholders, project management, data model design, dashboard creation, DWH maintenance and support.